Compassionate and professional care for your fur babies

Myrtle Beach

Donna will not let your pet out of her sight. While you’re away, our pet sitting service will ensure that your fur baby receives the VIP treatment!

Murrells Inlet

Your loyal companion will be taken on routine walks, either daily or weekly, to make sure they get their exercise in while also exploring outside!

Surfside Beach

Your pet will be properly fed and watered to make sure they receive the nutrition they need at the right time. No more worrying about overfeeding or underfeeding!


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Your pet won’t know the difference

With our pet sitting service, you can rest assured that your pet is in the hands of professionals who share your passion for animals and will treat it with the same tenderness and respect that you would.

A lifelong experience of working with pets

Donna has been around pets her entire life and has cared for them with a deeply loving and caring approach.

The trustworthy “dog whisperer”

Having been nicknamed “the dog whisperer,” Donna has been professionally providing this service for over 4 years.

See What Customers Say About Our Service

Jonathan Bowers

Pet Adopter

Donna is truly a pet lover. I called her over to interact with my pet before hiring her, and she was an instant hit with my baby!

Heidi Glover

Pet Adopter

My cat Pablo is usually wary of strangers in the house, but by some miracle, Donna managed to get on his good side! She’s truly an animal person to her core.

Christy Patrick

Pet Adopter

My dog Reiner was not willing to let Donna leave even after we returned from the trip. She just could not stop getting her affection. Absolutely adorable!

Blake Shaw

Pet Adopter

I came home to find not a single thing out of place, and my cat was so well groomed to the point I didn’t even recognize her! Donna is a professional!

Dana Harvey

Pet Adopter

This is my 6th trip of the year, and every time I leave my Labrador with Donna, I know she’ll be well taken care of! I can finally count on a sitter.

Judith Riley

Pet Adopter

My previous experiences with sitters have always been bad, where both my dogs’ morale is low when I get home and they have not been groomed at all. Donna’s professionalism was a pleasant surprise!

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